You can quote me

Stormy Leigh

Stormy Leigh

I read some alleged Steve Jobs quotes online, and they made him look really bad. I understand that he was really bad in many ways. The quotes are probably authentic. He liked to insult people.

It made me think I might do well to quote myself in case anyone is interested in noticing. I offer my quotes that express my appreciation of all of you. You are welcome to use them at my funeral, in the event I have one. There are better ways to use your time. I don’t recommend funerals.

  • We don’t lack for wisdom. The mystery to me is our lack of interest in it.
  • Some people measure wealth by possessions or power. I measure it by joy.
  • Children come into this world with an affinity for joy. If they lose that we should examine ourselves.
  • Everything about women is appealing.
  • We are tempted to measure our life by how much time we spend in it. I think our achievement of kindness is a better yardstick.
  • We are taught a lot of superstition, such as the power of boobs to lead us astray. I suggest abandoning superstition in all of its forms. Let’s restore boobs to a place of honor.
  • We look to schools to validate us. Let’s not be shy about validating them—or not. Let them earn their privileges, if they deserve any.

Please share how you would like to be remembered.



2 thoughts on “You can quote me

  1. None of us are getting out alive as they say Daniel. But I place little importance on how I’ll be remembered. After all, I won’t be here, so who cares? I also don’t really place any importance on how people think of me now. I used to be very conscious of what others thought. Public speaking was out of the question, the prospect used to terrify me. But somewhere along the line I gained a different perspective. I’m brutally honest with people, if they don’t like that, I don’t really care. I’m kind to people that deserve it. I don’t ask anything in return except that they appreciate it. And I don’t seek the approval of others. I’m happy with myself for the most part. If others are not, they know where the door is. Life is a lot better this way. Now if I could only figure out how to get filthy rich….

  2. I really, really enjoy your candor, John Scanlon. I also would like to be filthy rich. I am still an approval suck, but it ranks first on my list of things to fix.

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