More movie recommendations

Doc Hollywood is brimming with charm thanks to an exceptional cast and a great story line. Michael Fox’s character wants to perform plastic surgery in Los Angeles in a production line approach because the money is good. On the way there he does some property damage in Grady, squash capital of the south, and has to perform some services that keep him there for a while. The towns people, and especially the extraordinary Julie Warner, woo him from his shallow ambition. His transition is charming and wonderful. 1991.

I watch Sirens, 1994, repeatedly for a number of reasons. It contains a good amount of tasteful nudity, and it is a beautiful study of moral stuffiness compared to a sense of artistic freedom.

Thoughtful messages about independence and freedom are rare. This movie contains one of the best of them. Hugh Grant’s character personifies stuffiness. Sam Neill is an artist who creates paintings that offend church authorities. Grant sees himself as one of those authorities. Grant’s wife adjusts her attitude well before he does. The differences between them are informative.

George Clooney lights up Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? It is a 2000 vintage Coen Brothers film about three escaped convicts in a story line that is supposedly based on the Odyssey. Roger Ebert liked it, but found the structure overly loose. As a rather rigid person myself, I found the looseness appealing.

For me the film is about the seeming randomness of life, and how that randomness need not be interpreted as a lack of respect on the part of the universe. It portrays wildness in a way that speaks to me.

Love Actually, 2003, is another film we watch repeatedly at our house. It is a Hugh Grant movie, and it affirms that, as he says, love is everywhere. Several story lines emerge in the film, and each of them illustrates a different flavor of experience. There is a small amount of nudity in the film including a scene in which two porn players develop affection for each other. Grant develops affection for his office assistant, and he is startled by a suggestion that she has big thighs. He sees her as ideal.

Charley Wilson’s War is about a wild man with a job in politics and good intentions played by Tom Hanks. It also features a brilliant performance by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. I gravitate to films about breaking the rules, as you can tell from this selection I have listed for you here. This film, made in 2007, is one of the best of them.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.—Katherine Hepburn

Thank you for being here with me. If you have comments on any of these films please share them.

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