Enjoying the Storm

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Stormy Leigh (that’s pronounced Lay) is an example of my good fortune in life.

She performs with Black Cherry Burlesque on the first Friday of the month at the Surly Wench. Yvette and I have attended many performances.  And I have photographed her on several occasions at various locations. We first met at a group photo shoot, and I admired her so much I invited her to work with me again. She accepted.

We shot again yesterday at the Art Gallery in Tucson. It’s at the intersection of Stone and Speedway.

Several aspects of Stormy delight me. The first is her obvious beauty and playful spirit. I love her presentation before the camera as a lady of mystery. She does those facial expressions beautifully. I also like the way she poses with lots of angles and such gracefully all akimbo.

Then there is her wonderful level of comfort in presenting herself to a camera and photographer. I give her almost no requests regarding her pose. Once in a while I ask her to lower her chin. That’s it. She continues to deliver magic flowing from one pose to the next.

I relish photography because it enables me to record the notions of who people think they are, or better yet, have decided to be. Men tend to be shy and reluctant, and I care about that. Women enjoy celebrating who they are. None, so far as I know, more than the wonderful Stormy Leigh.

It’s good to contemplate one’s blessings.


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