The gospel according to Hollywood Squares

Prayer dogWe can get our notions of religion from many, many sources. My family tried to imprint several of them on me. Grandma’s choice was Oral Roberts, a tragic and obsessed television evangelist who told viewers if they did not send cash God would strike him down.

My dad and my uncle chose Mormonism. I was shocked and startled. I took sick after being baptized. It was more than a symbolic illness.

Personally, I prefer Kermit the Frog and Hollywood Squares as the inspiration for my concepts of reality. Consider this exchange from the Squares. If you are too young to remember the puppet Oscar, he was defined as a grouch.

Peter Marshall: Oscar, how’s your life?

Oscar the Grouch: Well, it’s actually miserable

Peter Marshall: Ohhh.

Oscar the Grouch: But I like being miserable; that makes me happy.

Peter Marshall: It does, doesn’t it?

Oscar the Grouch: But I don’t like being happy, so that makes me miserable.

I have always rejected being happy because I was convinced I was not worthy of it. So I sought misery, like Oscar. My confusion is the norm in this world. Misery is the goal for millions of people. If you doubt this, just look at the state of the world. We are good at misery. It’s the one thing we never doubt.

Advocates of wholeness mostly remain silent. Brené Brown is a major exception. There are many others. Let me know if you are seeking names. I can provide them.

Donald Trump, in my view, advocates misery. That seems to be where this nation is headed. I feel for young people everywhere. You have a big job ahead of you. Please choose wisely.

One thought on “The gospel according to Hollywood Squares

  1. I realized at some point last year that I was “worshipping” my own pain. Rolling around in it all and making my misery my friend. My mentality was, the more it hurts, the more that means I cared, and I cared very much. So all the pain made sense. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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