On village elders


A journey into the nature of legitimate power and greatness. Do we still care about legitimacy?

What is a village elder?

We no longer have villages, or elders, so the question might be irrelevant.

A good friend told me recently not to post announcements that I am old. I concede his point, but I add that the word elder, in my opinion, has lost any value it might have had. I substituted old in an effort to connect with young people who dismiss the value of folks my age. I suspect that connection ain’t gonna happen.

A person my age, assuming that we paid some attention, ought to have a perspective on change, hope, ambition, and many other things. I do not equate this with being right, but I do make a claim that it provides a point of reference for people with less experience.

To all you haters out there, and I know there are more than a few…Guess what, I don’t fucking care what you think.—A recent Facebook post by a “friend”

Advice and examples from young people appear, to me, at least, to have trumped voices of experience. Old now equates, so far as I can tell, with obsolete. Again, I’m not saying folks my age are right, but simply that they have a larger frame of reference that might shed some light on expectations. Something useful might come from that. But I don’t consider it likely that any young people will gather around my fireplace.

This blog generates mostly silence. I have not figured out why. You might be able to help me with that.


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