Progress, or something like it

When pigs can fly.

When pigs can fly. And these days many can. And do.

A lot of things have been invented in my lifetime, things like television, seat belts, air conditioning, touch tone phones, cellphones, and microwave ovens. The digital camera is fairly recent, and so are the internet and social media. And texting, let’s not forget that. And blogs.

Fashions and customs have changed. More people—including women—get tattoos now, and more of them. Luggage is inspected at airports.

There are a couple of hundred television channels, and there is never anything on. I faithfully watched The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. It took some imagination to see this suburban family as adventurous.

Cars no longer display massive amounts of chrome, and tires no longer have inner tubes. Cars are equipped with FM radios and power windows. Products from China are no longer considered weird.

The pornography industry is now massive, and women are treated with even less respect than they were long ago. We can access porn via computer. No need to risk an appearance at the local movie theater.

Grocery stores are massive monuments to greed and avarice on the part of everyone involved. The checkers don’t know us even after a dozen or more years of shopping in their store.

Two classics from 1947.

Two classics from the days of chrome.

Movie houses are closing down, but we can rent movies online or at a vending machine outside the drugstore. Doctors, as far as I know, no longer make house calls, nor is milk delivered to homes. I know of no “ice cream men” who ring a bell as they drive down the street on a motorized cart to announce their approach.

There are many more frivolous products such as bottled water sent to us across an ocean. We now have plastic bottles, and no real plan for disposing of them.

Gas is now sold lead-free, and that increases our odds of surviving to old age, whatever that means. New houses are not built with lead plumbing.

There are things that have not substantially changed. We continue to serve the notion of race, and with that, racial prejudice. We have been told authoritatively that race is a fictional concept. As Neil deGrasse Tyson told us, all dogs are dogs. All humans are humans. Let’s get on with life.

The super rich have rigged the game in their favor, and that hurts us a lot. Large corporations operate with greater immunity than ever before. They can get away with enormous outrages.

Voters still do not get to know the history of the United States presidency, and they rely heavily on personal outrage to select a candidate.

The school system, in general, remains a creaky old antique. This in spite of the excellent TED Talks on the subject by people such as Ken Robinson.

In the category of good news we have the marvelous proliferation of informative, readable books on an amazing range of subject matter. This extends to sex, even. That’s very different from the days of my youth.

What would you like to change? What will you change?



2 thoughts on “Progress, or something like it

  1. I am too old to remember the days of my youth (ute). I miss some, glad some is gone, glad I lived through it to this point. Less chrome… less to polish; can not see any super rich… they moved; sex…? What are you talking about? Old is a bitch.

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