On sex manuals

We could change our experience by choosing to be strategic.

We could change our experience by choosing to be strategic.

When I was in high school my dad had a couple of books about sex.They were ancient, quaint, and written from a male point of view.

The only thing my dad told me about sex was to wear a condom. None of the men in the family, so far as I know, ever talked about sex or taught a young person about it. My adult male friends have continued this tradition up to the present day.

I recently purchased Come As You Are, The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life. The author is Emily Nagoski. Yes, come is intended in the playful sense. On the cover it says the book is a New York Times bestseller.

She makes the point that intercourse brings only a relatively few women to orgasm. They need more direct attention to the clitoris. Porn films emphasize that sexual pleasure is only intended for men, so why make any special effort to please a woman? Porn is 70 years or more out of date, and apparently nobody cares.

This book is not likely to transform anyone’s sex life because that is not something people care about, so far as I know. I will say that the book is very accessible and informative, should you be interested. It is the most helpful book I’ve found, and I’ve found a bunch of them over the years.

I often comment in this blog that wisdom and insight are pretty much ignored. The preference seems to be for one of two things, high drama, in the Donald Trump sense, or the ability to hide out in a state of denial. I do some of the latter myself.

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