On who can watch me pee

ChantelWhich bathroom should a gay, lesbian, trans-gender, or transexual person use? North Carolina has an opinion on that, and they say there is no room for debate.

The result: ordinances in cities like Charlotte, protecting LGBT persons from discrimination, are gone. No religious belief is needed there — everyone is free to fire someone simply because they are LGBT. It is far more pernicious than the Georgia bill.—CNN

I don’t know how gender identity can be considered a religious matter, but apparently many people do. I don’t even know what religion covers, and I don’t really care. To me there is just Life. Everything matters.

I have, and always have had, wonderful friendships with lesbians. I do not always recognize the gay status of men, but those I know who are gay are as wonderful and amazing as anyone else that I know. Lesbians tend to be more expressive of their preferences than gay men. At least in my experience.

“Our future as Americans should be focused on inclusion and prosperity, and not discrimination and division,” Apple said in a statement. “We were disappointed to see Governor McCrory sign this legislation.”—New York Times

 There is, hopefully, not much on display when a man relieves himself. Does it really matter who watches? We need rules about that?

The attitudes in North Carolina remind me how unbalanced people are. And we are about to elect a new president. Anything is possible. We have been warned.

And a response from Bruce Springsteen to the new law.

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