The failure of men

Steve Martin

Telling the truth is not pretty either.

How do you evaluate the success of men? World peace?

Attention and care to children?

Respect for the planet we live on?

Deep appreciation of sexuality in all its variations?

By all of these measures I count men as failures. I include myself in that rating. While I speak out, I have added no value. Nobody is listening. I own that failure. I have defined myself without sufficient boldness. I blend in to the background. I chose that fate.

I have said before that men invented obedience and conformity. Schools and employers are devoted to both. We are taught to abandon all hope of inventing ourselves. Those who reject this advice often become fringe members of society, and our jails and prisons become their base of operation.

My blog is one of thousands. I hope men are speaking out somewhere. I have about 500 Facebook friends, and almost all the conversation is created by women. There are a couple of notable exceptions, but mostly men are, in my opinion, trying to play it safe.

We are not safe, gentlemen. And the remedy is up to us.





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