Finished reading Naked at Lunch

I posted recently about Mark Smith’s book, Naked at Lunch. I finished reading it this morning. I recommend it highly.

Whatever your point of view about nudity might be this book can deepen your appreciation of how you acquired that point of view. Going through that exercise produces several helpful results.


A sculpture from the Getty Museum

One of them is that we gain insights into our assumptions, preferences, and thought processes. We discover how we think, and also how we substitute prejudices, superstitions, or fears, in place of thinking.

Nudity provides fertile ground for study because most of us have strong opinions one way or the other. It also provides an opportunity to consider a new experience with nudity that could be filled with discovery for us.

I attended a nudist retreat a few years ago and enjoyed it very much. The author’s wife learned to enjoy nudity through a very gradual immersive process. Mr. Smith emphasizes how nudity levels the social playing field. People agree to conceal nothing about their appearance, and they leave symbols of rank and status out of sight.

Rules about nudity come from many sources, and the chaos can be, and often is, confusing. By taking an inventory of the forces in our life that want to dictate to us, we can heighten our awareness of their methods and our reaction to them.

This book is also an example of great writing. He brings considerable sass to the task of writing. More than I do. His example provokes my imagination.

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