Celebrating weirdness

Participants in the Tucson All Souls parade.

Participants in the Tucson All Souls Parade.

Merriam-Webster equates the concept of weird with being uncanny. They define the latter as “strange or unusual in a way that is surprising or difficult to understand.” They say it can be “eerie.” Eerie things, they say, can send chills up the spine. A less than scientific definition.

Personally, I don’t know of anything that is not surprising or difficult to understand. My old paper dictionaries suggest that weirdness equates with danger, and perhaps even with evil, whatever that is. The dictionaries feed our fear. They tell us that if you are different you are probably a threat to us.

I like to browse the photos on Tumblr because they break all the rules. For example, they show women in “come hither” poses wearing next to nothing in all the right places. Women nearly my age display their charms. No woman among my friends would do that for me. They would consider it weird.

Our society has a contempt and disdain for weirdness, and I think that produces massive harm by putting authenticity and creativity out-of-bounds.

I have a Webster’s Dictionary from my birth year oh so long ago. It links weirdness with witchcraft. That does not get us very far. In The Wizard of Oz Glinda is a good witch who provides great help to Dorothy. Her powers are strange and unusual.

Glinda arrives and tells her that she can still return home by tapping her heels together three times and repeating, “There’s no place like home”. After bidding a tearful goodbye to her friends, Dorothy taps her heels together and awakens from her dream, surrounded by her family, the farm hands, Professor Marvel, and Toto.—Wikipedia account of the movie

At my age I have seen a lot of efforts to enforce the “curb your enthusiasm” rule. The success of those enforcement agents has created the strife-filled and boring world we have today.

The Tumblr galleries show how much more confident and cheerful women are compared to men. I return to this theme constantly in this blog. Men run our corporations, and they inspired the invention of hump day. They rarely allow people to enjoy going to work. People live for the arrival of Fridays.

I am arguing in favor of weird and uncanny since we have identified no real threats in either of them. I am confident we will discover our joy there. Let us distinguish between good witches and the other kind.

Your thoughts?




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