Shit. I’m my dad.

DanThis blog has no readers, so in a way it is a private journal. I will use it to make a confession that is beautifully expressed by the great Neil Young, of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

The thing I wanted most growing up was to not be a lot like him. But I read the same sort of books. I loved flirty women, as he did. I drank too much wine. I tried to bond with our family. That did not work out so very well, but I pretended it did.

I’m old enough now to feel some frailties. Had heart bypass surgery a while ago. Got a detached retina recently. It’s amazing to me that they can fix stuff like that. Getting cataract surgery in May. Yes. I see my frailties.

Neil’s song speaks to me, and all men would do well to honor it. Young men, as I have observed, rarely listen. Old folks like me are deemed irrelevant.

My advice to men, at my ripe old age of 68, is to appreciate women. That’s where the energy comes from these days. Guys, for the most part, are trying to hide.

2 thoughts on “Shit. I’m my dad.

  1. Greetings Daniel
    Not true the first statement… (This blog has no readers) …I am reading it now and will continuously do so. I like to read about what people want to say about themselves as it is a way for me learn how to be a better person. Not that I am saying others are bad but they actually are giving good advice, they learnt something from the past and trying to tell the younger generation not to do the same thing. And that They, is currently, you. Thank you so much for the post. It means a lot to me. Trust me otherwise I won’t waste time typing this lengthy comment. Nice to know you sir, keep posting. Lan curiostraveller,com

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