The perils of Facebook

the endI posted what I thought was praise for a friend on Facebook, and she told me in an email that she felt violated. I posted a photo that I thought was both modest and appealing. There is some message to her use of email, I think. I would have preferred a conversation. Do we still do conversations?

In any event, I cancelled my Facebook account. I don’t trust Facebook to begin with, so it was the kick in the butt I needed. I have had previous experiences of affront and mistrust directed at me. I can get those things in the real world.

Any thoughts from y’all?


4 thoughts on “The perils of Facebook

  1. You seem to want Facebook to take the blame for your own misstep. Some people don’t want their image posted, whether you consider it flattering or not. You have to respect the privacy of others. Your fault, not Facebook’s.

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