Prayers for Ecuador and Houston

AngelEcuador had an earthquake. The country is known for that. The devastation is stunning.

The 7.8 magnitude quake, which struck late Saturday, also left 231 people missing and injured more than 4,000, according to latest government tallies on Tuesday morning.

Praying for miracles, distraught family members beseeched rescue teams to find missing loved ones as they used dogs, bare hands and excavators to hunt through debris of flattened homes, hotels and stores in the hardest-hit Pacific coastal region.

The death toll stood at 443 but was expected to rise.—Reuters

And the floods in Houston. A man drives his car into standing water, and it is deep enough to swallow up his car, as it had already done to two others. He panics. Fortunately he is coached to get out of his car and swim to safety, which he does. Click the link to view a video of the event.

Rain-soaked Houston was getting no respite from the weather Tuesday, with a flash flood watch extended through the morning and the possibility of thunderstorms all day.

At least five people were killed in what one official called the most significant flood event since devastating Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.CNN

We live in a fragile world. That fact should inspire kindness and generosity, and sometimes it does. Not always, but I’m grateful for the good people do.

Do we even know where Ecuador is?

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