This from my friend Melissa

AngelThis message from Melissa is a reply to my recent post about feeling funky.

This is a good start. Let’s look closer at each. Explain radiant to me.  What does that look like? How would that be different from where you are now?—Melissa Stablein

Radiant is a state in which I would acknowledge my friendship with the Universe and the creatures in it, and a state in which I feel I can contribute value that validates my presence here. I currently label myself an alien, and someone who is mostly just taking up space, a burden on the system. I am grateful for the amazing kindness I receive, but I still feel guilty for accepting it.

I would like to witness the Divine in such a way that I can speak of it with some authority. I am not in that state. Being in that state follows celebrating radiance. I am caught in a puzzle.

Thank you for asking. You are a precious friend. And a fabulous massage therapist.

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