On being real

I was born real. You were too.

I was born real. You were too.

The intent of this blog is to draw attention to people who encourage us to be real. I often thank Daniel Plumer, a reader of this blog, and a friend, for his reminders to me to be real. You provide a service to me, sir.

Today I watched Cameron Russell’s TED Talk on the subject of being real. It is, for my money, as good as it gets. Scroll down to Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.

Being real is an endangered species these days. That endangerment goes back a long way, but I want to suggest from my perspective as an old guy that it’s getting worse.

I am very fond of photographing ladies. I encourage them to wait for their smile. Do not hunt for it, or fake it. I suggest that they invite the poses to emerge without effort. Enjoy the experience. My notion of photographing people is to enjoy and to discover. Don’t imitate other people. Enjoy being who you are.

As a nation and as a society we would do well to show more courage in our advocacy of being real. My opinion, anyway. I welcome comments.

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