Dear diary

My favorite

My favorite from today’s photo shoot

I was privileged to help a friend today. Her name is Terrie Thomas. She paints pots, and has no photos of them to post on the web. She does now. I especially like her homage to watermelon.

On my drive home I noticed a woman on a median strip near my house. I did a u-turn and counted out five dollars from my wallet. Five is my “standard” amount of charity.

As I got closer I could see that she was both young and beautiful. She thanked me, and said, “God bless.” I immediately wished I had done more. I always wish I had done more.

Earlier in the drive home I passed some men whose desperate conditions discouraged me from the possibility of feeling helpful. The young lady brought into my mind the same sense of being ineffective. I did “something” but not all that much.

IMG_1919I did a photo shoot earlier in the day also. A friend asked me what the University Boulevard and 4th Avenue area in Tucson is like. More specifically, is it safe and livable. Tucson is a patchwork quilt of charm, deterioration, and contempt. It seems to be the city’s chosen destiny. Tucson, it seems to me, is rather defiant.

The request came from a lady who will be attending a work-related internship, and she wants to make a wise choice regarding her lodgings.

In a fairly charming area in my assigned coordinates I came across this abandoned mattress. It symbolizes my notion of this desert city. You take the good along with the contempt and indifference. Maybe all cities are like this.

Let us pray.





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