People advising on success

Many people have shared their recommendations for achieving success. They often publish their 10 favorite tactics. YouTube contains many of these presentations including the following:

When pigs can fly. Maybe they do it when we're not looking.

When pigs can fly. Maybe they do it when we’re not looking.

I thought Will was particularly eloquent. I liked Bill’s presentation more than I expected since I’m a Mac kind of guy. I gave The Donald a fairly low score, which did not surprise me. Steve took much longer than the others to present his list. He reminds us that the people who made the rules we live by are no smarter than we are. Bravo. Let me add that Steve’s commencement address to Stanford’s graduating class a few years ago is wonderful.

And of course, there are many other presentations to consider.

Watching these reminded me that I have not committed my list to writing or to a video. This blog post gives me a start on that. Here are 10 things I practice to cultivate success.

  1. Stay aware, as much as possible, of the content of my mind. I notice that I am overly receptive to gloom and fear. When I notice those thoughts in my mind I counter with the word radiance. Sometimes I add the word everywhere.
  2. Remember that my number one priority in life is to be receptive to radiance—mine, yours, and the whole of Mother Nature.
  3. Be open to the unexpected and the unlikely. Treat both with respect. Give them a warm welcome. It’s what I don’t know that keeps me limited.
  4. Accept discomfort. In many fields of endeavor we create it on purpose. Complaining about it just clouds my mind. See point number one.
  5. Learn something every day. Our world is rich with opportunities. We have Wikipedia, testimonials and tutorials on YouTube. There are online subscription services brimming with knowledge. Read a book, maybe even re-read one. Watch the Weather channel on television. Listen to public radio.
  6. Honor my enthusiasm. Do what I care about most. Joseph Campbell advised us to follow our bliss. I believe that is essential, and also a lot of fun.
  7. Relinquish anger. See point number one on this list.
  8. When facing fear, remember to breathe.
  9. Be kind to as many creatures as possible as often as possible.
  10. When witnessing misfortune remember the statement, “There, but for the grace of god, go I.” The statement is attributed to John Bradford. The good man was burned at the stake in 1555. I am reminded of this statement when I see people on median strips holding cardboard signs that ask for money.

Steve’s video is the one that moves me. Might have the same effect on you. I invite you to share all or part of your list here.

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