On going out of bounds

Things will surely change for the better when pigs can fly.

What changes would we make if we accepted that pigs can fly? Note the passenger compartment beneath the hot air balloon.

Most of the world’s conflicts, in my opinion, arise from trying to enforce boundaries on people who do not honor those boundaries. We attempt to tell people they are like us, not like themselves.

Steve Jobs commented in his list of 10 recommendations to the world that the people who make the rules that govern our behavior are not any smarter than we are. In addition, I would add, they are likely to be conformists and creatures of habit. They might lack courage too.

I have been working to become more disobedient. In one example, I searched on “porn” on YouTube. There is an amazing amount of what I consider imaginative and informative content in that category. Yes. On YouTube.

I have also been exploring Tumblr. The photo galleries on that website are amazing. There is an abundance of R-rated content that pleases me deeply. There are galleries dedicated to wonderful female feet. I’ve have only recently permitted myself to acknowledge how pretty feet delight my sensibilities. I am sharing this information on a blog. That is a shift for me.

Why are breasts R-rated? Free the nipple works for me.

These adventures provoke me to consider other boundaries that we could challenge.

Do we need political parties? They seem to have served their purpose, and now they are adrift in a hurricane.

Do we need “race” as a method of categorizing people and of sorting our prejudices? Race is a fiction to begin with. We are talking about skin color, the shapes of eyes, and other incidental aspects of being human.

We could decide that homelessness is an intolerable policy for a nation such as ours. I support that idea.

A dear friend put out a plea for cash donations. Her son is in a quarrel with his ex-wife over his ability to spend time with his son. They want money to pay lawyers. My friend is a precious, dear person, but the default setting is to hire lawyers. Could we find a better way to build community?

I think our dependence on college degrees as a way to validate people is obscene. We need another point of view.

What rules would you break if you gave yourself permission?



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