Some thoughts on fast food


Being a servant is now a foreign concept, but we have re-invented slavery.

I had lunch today with a friend who is employed, more or less, by a fast food chain. By policy they limit employees to 28 hours a week. As I understand it, this limit is intended to prevent any obligation to provide health insurance.

My friend is limited to 14 hours a week. She is paid minimum wage. I picked her up at her home. It is, shall we say, less than glamorous.

I don’t buy fast food for several reasons. The primary reason is the avarice of the companies that sell it. Grease, fat, and salt are also considerations.

Fast food might be considered a metaphor for the condition of the United States of America. Ray Kroc discovered fast food in San Bernardino, California at a hamburger stand owned by the McDonald brothers, at about the time I was in high school. Kroc sold milk shake machines. That was his reason for being there.

His invention of creating a fast food chain was documented in a book titled Grinding It Out, written by Ray Kroc. I enjoyed the book oh those many years ago. Might still be entertaining.

What I don’t enjoy today is the contempt for responsibility among business owners. This young lady works 14 hours in a week, has no car, and lives in a shack.

This is a time for reckoning about the future we want. I’ve watched these United States spiral down into greed and contempt for several decades. I assure you we are in deeper trouble than we have ever seen. It’s not my world any more. It’s yours.

Speak to me, if you’ve a mind to. Or just let us sink farther into the swamp of greed and contempt. Your choice.

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