On prostitution and pornography


Casting this mannequin as a hooker is an injustice on my part. I admit my guilt.

I’m in favor of dignifying both prostitution and pornography. This TED Talk by Toni Mac sets a groundwork for the prostitution piece of the equation. Porn is, in my view, a variation on prostitution. People have sex just for the money and suffer the indignities that go with the experience.

Toni’s TED Talk is, I believe, very relevant to our values and the way we make laws. I admire her.

Pornography is in the state it is in because men hope to profit from it financially regardless of its lack of taste, finesse, or educational value. I want to emphasize their lack of taste as well.

Pornography could serve us in several ways. One of them is to be instructional. Another would be to show us the range of possibilities in the realm of sexual interests and appetites. Another might be to relieve tensions among the lonely, if you get my drift.

Attaching stigmas to prostitution discourages people from expressing compassion and creativity through those channels. It tells us the subject is off limits. We all lose value when that happens.

I own a book titled She Comes First, The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. All the guys I’ve seen in pornographic videos would do well to read the book. That’s my point. I have rarely seen a guy in porn who showed any evidence of thinking or caring about anyone but himself.

My partner is the original John Wayne – to the core. And for him to read a “how to” book on anything just isn’t going to happen. Well, he doesn’t have a lot of experience in the art of pleasing a woman…you know, cowboys just get on and ride! Well, somehow, he heard about this book and has it ever made a difference. A difference in everything – our level of intimacy, our happiness, everything we do…we are now closer than ever before…and we’re both in our 60’s!—A review on Amazon

Dignifying porn would be an event I would deem a miracle. I like to think big.


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