The joys of burlesque

We thank Stormy Leigh for introducing us to burlesque and to the Surly Wench. She is wonderful.

We thank Stormy Leigh for introducing us to burlesque and to the Surly Wench. She is wonderful, and so is the pub.

I discovered the joys of burlesque relatively recently. Maybe six years ago. Something like that. Yvette and I do our best to follow Black Cherry Burlesque at the Surly Wench pub on 4th Avenue in Tucson. They perform there on the first Friday of each month.

Burlesque appeals to me for many reasons that I share in this post.

The first reason is that I adore women. Second, I love it when they remove their clothing in a leisurely way that provokes my curiosity.

I am delighted that the women show no concern for any concepts of perfection in body shape. They just present themselves to entertain the audience. Glory be. I am always entertained.

I took the photo of Stormy on a group photo shoot. We were at The Domes, north of Tucson. Stormy twirls tassels posted to her lovely butt. It is worth the price of admission.

Another source of delight is the master of ceremonies. It is often Stephka Von Snatch, her stage name. I think she is adorable. She is spirited and fun, and she owns the pub.

Another source of joy for me is the audience. The enthusiasm level for the performers is the same regardless of their size, shape, or other measure of perfection. The cheering is always loud and enthusiastic.

The audience throws money at the performers. Yvette and I sit in the “deluxe” seats in the front row, and we gladly retrieve bills that fall short of the stage. I consider that job a privilege.

These ladies set a standard for kindness, courage, imagination, and fellowship. We can all learn from them.



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