In the jingle-jangle morning

the end

As a society we have not responded to the treasures of YouTube. Schools still act as if they teach the important stuff and that they decide what is important and what is not. They are not paying attention. They are stuck in an authoritarian realm that treats creativity as a fringe element.

The important stuff is on the web, it’s free, and YouTube is a prime resource.

Today I watched Bob Dylan perform his songs from the 1960s including a performance from 1964 where he was introduced by Pete Seeger. Pete asked us when will they ever learn? My experience tells me they never will. The Kingston Trio also rendered the song beautifully. We continue to send our young people to fight pointless wars. Our prisons are full. We have learned nothing in the last 60 years.

I graduated high school in 1965. One of Dylan’s messages was the times they are a changin’. They were. He said if you do not understand the new order be sure to get out of the way. Our world is the way it is because people did not get out of the way. They learned more effective ways to obstruct progress.

I watched a Tina Turner performance singing a David Bowie song with David Bowie. It is one of my all time favorite performances of a song. My wife and I have watched it dozens of times. At one point a lady from the audience climbs on stage and hugs David. He does not stop smiling, and he does not miss a beat as the security guards pull the woman off of him. No complaints. How marvelous is that?

Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly remind us that tap dancing is a peak experience. If this clip does not bring a smile to your face you might want to consider therapy. Fred Astaire dances at the 1970 Academy Awards show hosted by Bob Hope. Amazing, amazing. And wonderful.

Schools, businesses, and the crowd mentality are clinging desperately to a past that no longer exists. Bob Dylan got it right in the sixties. If you don’t understand the change, just do what you can to not get in the way. This is the jingle jangle morning.

I’m old, and I like speeches. I have seen and heard lots of them. Today I saw my all-time favorite. You will recognize the speaker. This speech, among many, many wonderful speeches, takes the prize.

The silence from my readers, assuming I have any, reinforces my concern for y’all. It’s your world now. My suggestion to you is to be bold.


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