Good ideas

An embarrassment of riches.

An embarrassment of riches.

I earned a graduate degree in leadership at Chapman University only to discover that managers do not aspire to leadership capability. Just look at our government for evidence. People who are in charge simply want to continue being in charge.

The best sources of leadership guidance, in my opinion, are some of the authors of books and some of the speakers in TED Talks. Simon Sinek operates in both categories.

If you are as ancient as I am you might remember Peter Drucker. He introduced the idea of treating employees with some credit for their intelligence and good intentions. It was a novel idea in 1964. It still is.

Click the links to view some wonderful TED Talks.

How to Run a Company With (Almost) No Rules. This is a potent talk by Ricardo Semler, an amazing fellow from Brazil.

Richard Branson offered us lessons in this many years ago. So did Jan Carlzon and Tom Peters. Mr. Peters wrote the forward to Carlzon’s Moments of Truth, New Strategies for Today’s Customer-Driven Economy.

How to Help Refugees Rebuild Their World. Melissa Fleming. Remarkable.

Refugees are as close to us as the median strip on our high-traffic roadways. They are the social issue of our century. This talk puts the challenges in perspective.

Do Schools Kill Creativity? Ken Robinson tells it like it is. Of course they do, and what we learn at school we apply on the job. This is one of my favorite TED Talks by far.

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe. Leaders do not allow themselves to feel threatened, or if they do, they shrug it off. The result is they recognize anxieties among the people in their circle, and they work to relieve them.

When I was in school we did not have TED Talks. That series is perhaps the greatest innovation in learning in my lifetime.

My readers say little on these pages, but let me know if any of these TED Talks move you.

Ciao, baby.

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