On seeking God

angelI read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, when I was a teenager. I re-read it many times. I considered it my owner’s manual for life.

He gives advice for our search for an encounter with God. As I understand it, we are first to choose a form for God’s presentation. It can be an array of lights.

It can be as a male figure, perhaps played by Kirk Douglas or Errol Flynn, or it can be in the image of Divine Mother, my own preference. I have not cast that part, but Cher is high on the list of candidates.

Yogananda told us that we are immersed in a dream state. I can relate to that. All of our institutions demand us to fit into their dream, and we try to do that as a survival mechanism at the expense of our own dream. We go to war in a dream state. Why else would we kill people?

I think we provide a service when we share the image we use to represent divinity to ourselves. Any thoughts you care to share?

2 thoughts on “On seeking God

  1. I love this book Daniel! I started to read it but didn’t finish (young children!). This is inspiring me to pick it back up. I also grew up in Southern California and remember passing his *ashrams*…I don’t know if that is the proper term, but it is what I called them. One in Encinitas where I grew surfing up on the beach in San Diego. Another in Pacific Palisades on the west side of Los Angeles. This was a long time ago…long before the internet (70’s/80’s) and having been raised Catholic, I think I assumed they were some sort of *cult*. It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that a friend suggested I *must* go visit the one in Los Angeles. WOW. It was the most peaceful, beautiful, soothing place I have ever visited in my life. I now regret not having spent time, a lot of time, at the one in San Diego. His stories about how the Universe provides ALL we could ever need if we just trust in it left a powerful impression on me.

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