About heroes

Cassandra. One of my heroes.

Cassandra. One of my heroes.

Honoring heroes is on the same path as praising God. I don’t actually believe in God, but I do honor heroes. The leap from heroes to God is not a big one. God, as I understand, is simply the role model for heroism.

One of my favorite heroes is Charles Kuralt. He sought out interesting people, and he told their stories on Sunday Morning, a television show. I loved it.

Another of my favorites was Rod Serling. His show was The Twilight Zone. He taught me how to imagine beyond my usual boundaries.

There were once heroes in the news business. Douglas Edwards was an example. And so was Edward R. Murrow. We have lost a lot over time.

What we need most, in my opinion, is a return to the examination of heroics. We are sorely lacking in that category. The silence of my readers makes that point in a way that speaks to me.

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