About me

Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson

I live in Tucson, Arizona with my wife Yvette and our cat, Emma Louise. I met Emma when I interviewed my friend Tina while she worked at the cat shelter.

Yvette is from Southern California. We lived there for many years before moving here to accept job offers.

I have a checkered past in terms of career. I earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership only to discover that large organizations want bosses, not leaders. I learned a lot from the exercise, however, and I have a well developed knowledge of leadership practices and principles.

Photography has been important to me all of my life. I was given a Brownie camera when I was very young. I have moved up since then to better gear.

I also have a keen interest in young people. My generation treats young people very badly, and I am trying to be an exception to that. The consequences of our neglect is that young men do not talk among themselves about things that matter. They don’t know how to treat women. They seem numb to the critical problems that will all but shut this nation down in the next 20 years.

My intention with this blog is to share what I have learned in the course of my life. I do so in the hope that readers will find value in it. Even if they don’t I derive value from writing it.

On a lighter note, I love photographing women. I love just about everything that includes women.

I like wine, and favor the red versions in particular. I have read a lot of books. Every answer human society needs is offered in books. Currently this blog is approaching 500 posts, and a previous house cleaning eliminated a lot of old ones. I’m a pretty darned good photographer. I have pretty much lost interest in traveling, but I have been a few places in my life. There are several movies I watch repeatedly. Examples are Love Actually and Earth Girls are Easy. Princess Bride, too. Animal House is fun. Casablanca is on that list.

I welcome comments and suggestions.

Have fun!

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